Introduction to inserting videos into slides.

  1. User’s Guide to the Beamer Class, Version 3.01
  2. The media9 Package, v0.70
usepackage[]{media9}% A LATEX package for embedding interactive Adobe Flash  and 3D files (Adobe U3D & PRC) as well as video and sound files or streams (FLV, MP4/H.246, MP3) into PDF documents with Adobe Reader-9/Xcompatibility.

includemedia[ label=some_dice, width=1.0linewidth,height=0.675linewidth, % 16:9 addresource=filename.mp4, transparent, activate=pageopen, passcontext, flashvars={ source=filename.mp4 &autoPlay=true % start playing on activation &loop=true }]{}{VPlayer.swf}% loop videomediabutton[ mediacommand=some_dice:playPause, overface=color{blue}{fbox{strut Play/Pause}}, downface=color{red}{fbox{strut Play/Pause}}]{fbox{strut Play/Pause}}mediabutton[ mediacommand=some_dice:setSource [(filename.mp4)]]{fbox{strut Media Caption}}


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